So I have two very crazy best friends. Jared and Katie. We do crazy things. We have annoyed old ladies, knocked on car windows, and gotten in random cars. It was our average day in the car rider line waiting on our parents. Jared and David were standing beside me.

"Hey Jared I dare you to get in a random persons car." I said, wanting some fun.

"But I don't want to do it alone. Will you go with me?"

David suddenly looked interested. "I will! I love doing stuff like that."

So we stood and waited for the perfect car to pull up. Finally a black car pulled up with a nicer looking lady in it. I pushed Jared and David forward, giggling. They walked up to the car and opened the door.

"Hey mom!" Jared said, acting oblivious to the fact he was in the wrong car. H sat down as david spoke up.

"WOAH!!! You're not my mom."

Jared then looked alarmed, "Oh my god I am SO sorry."

They both jumped out of the car and walked over to me. I was literally on the ground laughing so hard. Our principal saw the entire incident and didn't look happy.

"Boys why don't you get in the car."

"Nah its fine"

"Jared apologize" I sorta demanded.

"Okay. Hey! Im sorry! Madison is my sister so it's all her fault I'm like this. She helped raise me."

I told I'm all the reasons I couldnt be his sister but he blew it off. We continued laughing until my mom came to get me and Katie.

So the ironic part? About two weeks later my twin Kris and I were in Kroger. I couldn't reach something on the shelf and the girl behind asked if I needed help. I turned around and it was the girl who's car Jared got in. I'm pretty sure she recognized me. I said,

"No I'm good." I yanked kris and walked off.

"What was that for." She asked once we were away.

"That was the girl who's car Jared got in."


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