ironies that happen over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and...

household ironiesEdit

you say you're missing something only to find it in your hand, pocket, etc.

you ask what time it is while you're standing next to a clock

you press the power button on the tv to find that the TV was on, but the cable wasn't

you work for hours on a project on the computer, when something important pops up and you erase it

you misplace things on a simple place like the counter and spend thirty minutes looking for it

car trip ironiesEdit

you leave the house without going to the restroom, saying you'll be fine, only to pull into the gas station 5 minutes later... even though your gas tank is full

you leave the house having eaten lunch just to get snacks on the way

School/Work ironiesEdit

you search all over the place for an important paper, only to have it right in front of you.

awkard ironiesEdit

you talk about somebody and mention things you don't like, only to have them behind you.

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